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VGM Voyage Planning

If you have a SOLAS VGM stop set for export full containers, a stop will be applied automatically upon receival if the container has not got VGM details.    To make sure that no load planning is allowed make sure that the Prevent Action includes ‘Voyage Load Planning’. Whether planning to a LOLO bay a… Read More

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VGM for Report Writer and Selector

The fields for VGM, ‘Is weight certified’, ‘Weight certified by’, and Authorized person who certified weight’ are now included for Report Writer and Selector queries. You can create your own query for a report using the Selector screen.  In this example I have created a query which shows containers on site that have the weight… Read More

Categories Stops VGM

Automatic Stop for no VGM details

Terminals can now set up a Stop to be applied to containers that do not adhere to the VGM SOLAS requirements. If, as a Terminal, you want to stop any full containers loading on to a Ship that do not have the VGM details recorded, you can configure a new Stop to make this happen.… Read More

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Baplie 2.2

Baplie 2.2 has been introduced to include the Verified Gross Mass on the Baplie files, both loaded and extracted to Master Terminal.  Baplie 2.2 requires a license key to enable users to extract and send the Baplie 2.2.  Please request this from your Account Manager. Loading a Bapile 2.2 When you load a Baplie 2.2… Read More

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Terminal Configuration – VGM Details

There is a new configuration on the Setting tab of the Terminal Configuration screen called ‘Certified Weight Needs VGM Details’. If you have this configuration selected, any EDI messages or full containers that are coming through the gate that has a verified weight associated with it must have the authorized person and responsible party or… Read More