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BoL Reporting and BoL Cargo Transfer

A new feature has been added to the BOL maintenance (Voyage Cargo) – BOL Transfer.Bulk Cargo Transfer The selected cargo on a BoL can be transferred, in whole, to another existing BoL. The operator and consignee are defaulted to the values on the selected BoL and on OK these values are updated onto each cargo… Read More

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Countdown to SOLAS VGM

Are you ready for SOLAS container weight verification? If you’ve got Jade Master Terminal you are! This month on this developer’s blog we are going to deliver daily VGM posts on the countdown to the SOLAS dead line of JULY 1ST 2016. VGM on EDI ✓VGM on Preadvice ✓VGM in Ship Planning ✓VGM in Yard Planning ✓VGM on Stops ✓ VGM… Read More

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Add Transactions to Multiple Cargo Items

A recent change to Master Terminal means you can now add transaction lines to multiple cargo items. From the Cargo Enquiry screen, select the cargo you want to add the transaction line to.   Right click and select Cargo>Bulk Add Transactions. Select the transaction you want to add. The transaction line will now appear against… Read More

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Freight Tonnes

Master Terminal has a new cargo field called ‘Freight Tonnes’. The field is not directly editable. It is based on the values of Total Weight and Total Volume. The rules of this field for any particular cargo is as follows: Total Weight (MT) Total Volume (m3)  Freight Tonnes 0 0 0 > Total Volume <… Read More

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The Verified Gross Mass message (VERMAS) enables the communication of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container and supporting information as legally required by the SOLAS Convention Chapter VI, Part A, Regulation 2.  The VERMAS is a small message for a clearly dedicated purpose. It is only used for transmission of the VGM… Read More