8.4.1 Rail

Wagon Cargo Load Validation

Validating how and what cargo is loaded to a wagon. Master Terminal presents errors or warnings when validation rules would be broken by an action.Errors are not able to be overridden. Warnings can be overridden, but must be acknowledged.  Various configuration settings determine whether a validation rule will produce a warning or an error.  Often this… Read More

8.4.1 Seals

Seal Checks – Road, Rail & Ship

Master Terminal has the ability to check seals on cargo at receive and release points in the terminal.Seal checks are only view-able for receive and release for road, rail and vessel on the hand held apps and for receive and release in the road gate inside Master Terminal.There is configuration for seal checks at seal, operator and terminal… Read More

8.4.1 Break Bulk Cargo Releases Road Warehouse

Releasing Cargo via Specific Warehouse Locations

We have recently released a new application allowing Terminals to record and subsequently validate on loading, the warehouse door a truck uses to pick up cargo associated with a Release Request.  This application is called ‘Truck Warehouse Release Loader’ and is available from the Handheld Applications menu.When Terminals have larger warehouses with multiple doors to… Read More

8.4.1 Pack

Packing Equipment

There are times when cargo that is being packed into a container requires equipment. For example large steel coils may require a coiltainer to support them so they can be packed into a container. A recent change to Master Terminal has stream-lined the packing process for this scenario. I will walk through an example of… Read More

8.4.1 Voyage Defintion

Voyage Code Generation

Master Terminal has a feature called ‘Hook Code’ that allows certain points of the system to be configured using programming code.A new hook code type of  ‘Voyage Code’ has been added to allow auto generation of a voyage code.If no ‘voyage code’ hook code exists the system works as normal.  The hook code in the… Read More