8.2.2 Admin Cargo Releases Yard

Quick Find ( f10 )

Quick FindNavigation around the Master Terminal features is typically performed via the Navigator tree, or via a context menu from a related object.An additional navigation feature added to Master Terminal in 8.2.2 is a ‘Quick Find’ feature. ‘Quick Find’ is activated via the ‘f10’ function key, from almost any screen in Master Terminal.As the name… Read More

8.2.2 Cargo Voyage Operations Yard

Voyage Allocations

Voyage Planning Colour Coding. Voyage allocations is the colour coding option of choice for most of Master Terminals clients around the world.It effectively allows the planner to colour code  by the Load List Summary.Here is a load list summary showing a break down of the colour coding/cargo by discharge port and ISO group: Here is… Read More

8.2.2 TBA Yard

TBA Containers

Master Terminal has a feature that allows a TBA container to be created that represents a container that the port has been told is on it ways, but the actual Id is not known.The TBA can be created and placed in the yard, it can be planned to a load job on a voyage.When the… Read More

8.2.2 UX

Floating Forms

In Master Terminal 8.2.2 a new feature has been added that allows the user to ‘float’ Master Terminal screens out side of Master Terminal.This is useful if you have multiple screens for your PC. It allows  Master Terminal to be in 1 screen, whilst the chosen forms that are usually inside the  Master Terminal application… Read More

8.2.2 Gate

Security Gate

Master Terminal now has  a mechanism to record the time and date of all truck movements through a Security Gate, which is physically separated from the main terminal gate.All trucks visiting the terminal can now be recorded before entering the main terminal. This allows cargo to be delivered out of hours into a secure area,… Read More