8.1.2 Yard Yard Allocations

Yard Allocations – Cargo In/Out of Allocation

Waiting for PAR 32203 to fix problem with resolving OOA. Master Terminal uses criteria based allocations for automating the placement of cargo into terminal yards. While in theory this should keep the yard a place of organised beauty, in practice cargo can end up Out of Allocation. So how do you find cargo that is… Read More

8.1.2 Cargo Yard Yard Allocations

Yard Selector Panel

As an extension to an early blog post about identifying cargo out of allocation, this post highlights a recent enhancement to the yard grid areas screen.The yard grid areas screen has always had the ability to use a selector query to highlight matching cargo, this ability has been extended to allow certain yard queries to… Read More

8.1.2 8.2.1 Cargo Invoice ToDoTask Yard

To Do Task Resources

Background To Do Tasks are user configurable items that can be applied to cargo items and the completion of each can be used to generate an invoice line. To do tasks configuration includes assigning a user defined transaction type that will be used to create a transaction on the cargo and also is map-able on… Read More

8.1.1 8.1.2 8.2.1 JRW LOLO RORO

Sequence Sheet Job Detailed Graphic

An enhancement has been made for the reporting of LOLO and RORO jobs in JRW. New methods have been added to allow a detailed image of a LOLO or RORO job to be included in a JRW report.JADE REPORT WRITER DESIGNER The following shows how to include the new RORO job detailed image in a… Read More

8.1.2 Invoice

Invoice Rate Adjustments

In Master Terminal invoicing, invoice line rates can be set on a default level and then overridden for sub debtors by entering a different rate for each debtor.Enhancements have been made to the setting of invoice rates where sub debtors can still have their own fixed rate, but now they can also have a rate… Read More