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Cargo Discrepancy Charging

A Discrepancy transaction is created when you use the Cargo Discrepancy screen to record a discrepancy for bulk or break-bulk cargo. The transaction records the original cargo amount, the new cargo amount, and the difference between the old and new amounts.

Other config settings: The Discrepancy transaction includes before and after values of the Tare Weight and Cargo Weight of a cargo item if the Use Tare/Cargo Weight setting of the cargo type is set.

Check the Allow Prenotes To Have Discrepancy Processing check box on the Defaults sheet of the Terminal code table. By default, this check box is not checked.
Allow Duplicate Prenote Ids for Cargo Types Allowing Dups check box

You can set up a charge that is based on the Change amount recorded in a Discrepancy transaction for a cargo item.

The charge can be derived by using one of the following calculation types:

  • Cargo – Discrepancy Value
    • For quantity-based cargo, the calculation value used is the quantity discrepancy.
    • For all other cargo types, the calculation value used is the weight discrepancy.

    The value can be positive or negative, depending on whether the discrepancy is more or less than the specified amount.

  • Cargo – Discrepancy Absolute ValueThis calculation type works in a similar way to the Cargo – Discrepancy Value calculation type except that the calculated value is always positive.

For example, you can create an additional charge if the cargo that is delivered to your port is different from the pre-notified amount.

>To configure a Discrepancy transaction to create a charge

  1. Create a Cargo – Discrepancy Value calculation type .
  2. Create a service that uses the Cargo – Discrepancy Value calculation type that you created in the previous step of this instruction.
  3. Create an invoice line type for the service that you created in the previous step.
  4. Map the Discrepancy transaction type to an invoice line, by using the Transaction Map screen.
    Set the rate for each debtor that is to be invoiced for a cargo discrepancy.

This enhancement is available in release

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