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Reefer Monitoring

The Master Terminal team have been working on some proof of concept projects that involve use of some recent Navis innovations and new products.

One of the project was with the Navis native mobile app team. One of the first apps in the suite of Navis native apps is the Reefer Monitor app.

The Reefer Monitor app works on Android and iPhone. It retrieves a list of yard areas that have reefer containers that require monitoring.

The user selects the yard area of interest and a list of reefers is displayed.

Selecting a reefer shows the full details and allows readings to be updated to the database.

A few of the features in the app do not exist in MTN, but the temperature reading, humidity reading, ventilation reading plus remarks, O2 and CO2 all update into MTN. Plus the app has a configurable walking path, that will be of interest to MTN users.

Here is a short video showing the Reefer Monitor app working with a Master Terminal system.

This is a proof of concept, to illustrate the ability of Navis technology to be TOS agnostic.

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