INTEROP PoC Voyage Operations


Voyage Operations

The Master Terminal team have been working on some proof of concept projects that involve use of some recent Navis innovations and new products.

The first project was with the Power BI ‘ OpsView ‘ team, and getting MTN data into one of the reports called ‘Vessel Target’.

OpsView consists of a suite of BI reports that retrieve data from N4 and give a powerful overview of operations across terminals.

The proof of concept for OpsView was to be able to switch from an N4 facility to a MTN terminal by using a filter in the BI report.

The Vessel Target report shows current vessels during operations. The vessels are shown across the bottom of the report. In the top right a graph cycles through each of the vessels.

The following is a short video showing the report switching between N4 and MTN data.

This is a proof of concept, to illustrate the ability of Navis technology to be TOS agnostic.

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