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Graphical View Added to the Web-Based Vehicle Application

A graphical view option is now available in the web-based Vehicle application. The graphical view gives you a visual representation within the yard area of the source and target location of a cargo item in a task after you accept that task.

The graphical view is displayed only for cargo in gridded yard areas; that is, RTG Area, RMG Area, Straddle Stack, or Gridded Block Stack. (If you have the graphical view turned on, you can still accept and complete tasks that are not in gridded yard areas, however.)

Turn on the graphical view from the Vehicle app menu.

The location of the cargo item is displayed on the Pick Up screen after you accept a task.

This is the same task with the graphical view turned off.

When you are using the graphical view, click the Toolbox icon in the graphical view area to display additional options to manipulate your view. (You can also use standard pinch and swipe gestures on your device to change your view of the area.)

The next post will be about the view options that you can select (Face, Top, End, etc).
After you pick up the cargo item, the Set Down screen displays the target location of that item.


If the machine driver is allowed to change the target location, the driver can manually enter the new target in the box at the upper left or select a new target by tapping on an empty position on the graphical view. If you tap an empty position on the screen, the new target is highlighted with a dashed blue border.

Overstowed Cargo

When you click on a task in the list view, the task details show how many items are overstowing the target cargo item.

The graphical view also indicates the cargo that is overstowing the target cargo item in an accepted task.

The final (overstowed) target item displays the up arrow icon and is color-coded green. Any cargo stacked above this item displays the overstow icon and is color-coded yellow.

This enhancement is available in release

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