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Introducing the Updated Tallyman Application

The Tallyman application has been updated to fit into the Master Terminal suite of Web Apps (which includes the Handheld apps and Vehicle app). The Web Apps operate on modern touch-screen devices with a web browser.

To refresh your memory, here is a blog post from 5 years ago for the old Tallyman.

The Tallyman application lets you confirm the stowed location of cargo in your Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) and Lift-On/Lift-Off (LOLO) voyage plans.

View of the cargo in a job in a LOLO voyage map during a Load job. Grey boxes indicate stowed and confirmed cargo. The green circle with a tick in it beside the confirmed cargo indicates that transaction has been uploaded to Master Terminal.

While you are working a hold, you can also record cargo damage and seal details, and, if your device has a camera, take a photo of a cargo item.

View of the cargo checks for cargo in a job in a RORO voyage map. The Cargo Checks panel lets you record cargo damage, seals, and even take a photo to document the stowed location or any damage.

Because holds have limited or no connectivity, the Tallyman app is designed to work offline while you are working below deck. The Tallyman stores all your work as pending confirmations until you are back within range after which, you can upload your final stow confirmation data and cargo checks to Master Terminal.

For more details:

  • View the Master Terminal Tallyman fact sheet.
  • Talk to your business manager.

The Tallyman is available in release

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