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Filtering on Empty Containers in the Reefer Monitoring Web App

The web‑based Reefer Monitoring hand‑held application has been enhanced so that you can include or exclude empty reefer containers in the list view.

When you open the Reefer Monitoring app, empty reefer containers are excluded from the list view – the Include MT toggle is off. Reefer containers that have a contents status of LCL or FCL are displayed only (these are referred to as non-empty reefer containers).

Turn on the Include MT toggle, to include empty reefer containers in the list view.

The Advanced Cargo Search screen also lets you search for reefer containers by their empty status by using the MT Status drop‑down list.

In the MT Status drop-down list, select:

  • ANY, to search for empty and non‑empty reefer containers
  • MT, to search for empty reefer containers only
  • Not MT, to search for non‑empty reefer containers only

Note about the advanced search MT Status and Include MT toggle behavior

Selecting an item in the MT Status drop-down list and clicking Search overrides whatever the Include MT toggle state is set to on the list view. For example:

  • If the toggle was off and you select MT in the advanced search, the toggle will turn on when the advanced search results are displayed in the list view (and the reverse).
  • If you performed an advanced search with ANY selected, the search results are overridden if you then turn off the Include MT toggle – this overrides the advance search MT Status setting and displays only non-empty reefer containers.

This enhancement is available in release

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