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CODECO D00B EDI Message Format

Master Terminal supports Container gate-in/gate-out report (CODECO) messages in different formats and standards.

Master Terminal can now send CODECO messages according to the SMDG version 2.13 standard. This is a UN/EDIFACT 00B standard.

The new message format is called STANDARD CODECO SMDG213 in the CAMs Protocol code table, shown in the following diagram.

The current STANDARD CODECO message format uses the SMDG 1.62 standard (UN/EDIFACT 95B). This format has been renamed to STANDARD CODECO SMDG162 in the CAMs Protocol code table.

Each EDI format is licensed. To use the STANDARD CODECO SMDG213 format, contact Master Terminal support.

NOTE: This newly-developed EDI format has not been verified with any Ship Operator. We recommend that you test this format with the Ship Operator prior to using it in your production system.

This enhancement is available in release

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