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KiwiRail EDI Message

A web service is available to send cargo information in an XML message to KiwiRail when a train departs from your terminal.

Contact KiwiRail to get the details that you need to set up the KiwiRail message in Master Terminal.

>To set up the KiwiRail XML message

  1. Configure the KiwiRail web service, by using the External Web Service code table, shown in the following diagram.

    Select the KIWIRAIL web service type and select the Train Depart event type, to generate the message when the train leaves your terminal. The other details that you must enter are supplied by KiwiRail.

  2. Set up a manager controller and then a worker controller to run the KiwiRail web service, by using the BGP Manager Setup screen and the BGP Controller Setup screen, shown in the following diagrams.

    Setting up the manager controller:

    Specify the number of worker controllers required to run each KiwiRail web service.

    Set up a worker controller for each terminal that is to send the KiwiRail XML message:

    In the Ext Web Services combo box, select the name of the KiwiRail web service that you set up on the External Web Services code table in step 1.

When you have activated the KiwiRail web service manager and worker controllers, the Train Departed event transaction triggers the KiwiRail XML message.

The Terminal and Global Activity History screen, shown in the following diagram, displays a history of the KiwiRail XML messages generated and sent to the KiwiRail web service.

Double‑click on a row for an External Interface item in the Terminal and Global Activity History screen, to view the KiwiRail XML message.

This enhancement is available in release

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