EDI EDI actions modify user-defined EDI

EDI File Actions Explained

EDI file actions tell Master Terminal what to do with the data in an incoming EDI file; for example, whether to add a new record or overwrite an existing record.

The following table lists EDI file actions that Master Terminal recognizes when it processes user-defined EDI files.

Use the Modify action instead of the Update action, to prevent overwriting data that already exists in the system. The Update action will always overwrite every field in the record – even fields not in the file (for example, a blank value overwrites the existing value in the system, which effectively deletes it).

The Modify action applies only to the following EDI file types:

  • Cargo On Ship
  • Cargo On Site
  • Debtor
  • Gate Documents (Pre-notified cargo items)
  • Prenote
  • Ship Manifest (On ship cargo items)
  • Voyage
  • Cargo Group (this is a licensed EDI format)
  • Cargo Group Assignments (this is a licensed EDI format)

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