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Audit Selector Queries

The Selector screen lets you perform an audit query, which you can save and then use to provide the source data for an audit query report.

When the Selector screen is in Audit Details mode, you can perform an audit query on any auditable entity (=Object Type property in your query criteria); for example, invoices, booking references, or vehicles.

Audit records that match your query criteria are displayed in the search results table. 

You can output your query results to an audit query report (if one is set up).

You can also output your query results to the Audit Details screen.

Audit Query Report Set Up

>To set up the audit query report for the Selector screen

  1. Create and save an audit selector query, on the Selector screen.
  2. On the Report Maintenance screen, click the New button.
  3. In the Selector Query combo box, select the audit selector query that you created in step 1. (The Report View defaults to the CM_AuditObjectView.)
  4. In the JRW Design(s) list, select the AuditReport item.
  5. In the Report Type combo box, select the Selector Query item.
  6. Complete the remaining report details and then click the Save button. 

The report is then available to run for audit selector queries from the Selector screen.

    The Audit Report is a JADE Report Writer report that uses the CM_AuditObjectView report view. If you have the required permissions, you can copy and change the report by using the Report Maintenance screen and the JADE Report Writer applications. This way you can customize the information that the printed audit report includes.

    This enhancement is available in release

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