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Preventing Operator Stops in COREOR Messages Being Reapplied

Some stops have an expiry date after which the stop is reapplied to a cargo item. The information is contained in the DTM+400 or DTM+36 message segments in COREOR messages.

Some shipping lines use these message segments to mean something different than an expiry date for the operator stop clearance. You can configure the system to ignore the DTM+400 or DTM+36 message segments in COREOR messages from specified senders so that if the container is not picked up before the specified date, the operator stop remains cleared instead of being reapplied.

On the Coreor sheet of the EDI Party Maintenance screen for a specified sender, check the Ignore Expiry Dates check box. This effectively disables the expiry date functionality for operator stops for this sender.

This enhancement is available in release

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