851.160 Invoice Proforma Reports

Cargo Reporting With Proforma Charges like Demurrage

Proforma Invoices

It is possible in Master Terminal to produce a cargo report that includes proforma charge amounts for any configured invoice line. This means that charges like storage can be included in a cargo report.

If you have an invoice license with invoicing configured, you can configured proforma invoices, you do not need a cash license to do this.

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Proforma invoicing is cargo only at the time of this blog post.

Proforma invoicing does not create any permanent records in the database, it is purely read only; but does use the full cargo invoicing configuration.

In Report Maintenance a Proforma Invoice Report can be configured.

The parameters can be configured to include voyage, BOL and cargo Id(s).

This means that it is possible to put a proforma invoice report in the JMT WebPortal that lets the user enter a cargo id and see how much the cargo is going to cost.

Because the report view includes full cargo details it is possible to create a cargo report that lists normal cargo details plus the proforma cost of any configured charge, the report can be configured to filter by certain charges like storage.

Automated Proforma Reporting

The Cargo Id parameter allows a comma separated list of Ids to be entered this makes the report multi cargo.

A new enhancement allows a cargo selector query to be chosen for the report that will put the IDs of the select query results into the cargo ids parameter. This allows proforma costs to be included on automated reporting.

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