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Invoicing Pre-notified Cargo

You can now include Created transactions for pre‑notified cargo items in your cargo-based transaction map. This lets you map an invoice line to the Created transaction in the transaction map and generate an invoice line when you create a pre‑notified cargo item.

>>To configure a Created transaction to create a charge for a pre-notified cargo item

  1. Create a service and an invoice line (called Prenote Creation, for example). 
  2. Map the Created transaction type to an invoice line, by using the Transaction Map screen, as shown in the following diagram. 
  3. Set the rate for each debtor that is to be invoiced when you create a pre‑notified cargo item, as shown in the following diagram.

When you create a pre‑notified cargo item:

  1. The system generates a Created transaction, which looks for any transaction mappings that generate a charge.
  2. The system generates an invoice based on the Created transaction and mapped invoice lines.

If you delete the pre‑notified item, the associated invoice lines are voided.

This enhancement is available in Master Terminal

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