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Translating the Web Portal and Web Applications

If you want to translate your hand‑held or vehicle web applications or the Web Portal into a language other than English, contact Master Terminal support.

This blogpost assumes that you have already set up the locale and required translations in the Master Terminal desktop application. Some of the field names and messages that are displayed in your web‑based applications use translated text from the desktop application (for example, error messages or some column headers).

  1. Master Terminal support provides you with a copy of the default English resource file (.resx), which contains a list of fields that you can translate for the web-based application.

    NOTE  The hand‑held and vehicle web applications use a different .resx file from the Web Portal. If you use both web-based applications, you must translate two sets of .resx files. Ensure that you tell Master Terminal support which web-based application you want to translate.

  2. Translate the values in the .resx file into your target language. As there are many values to translate, we recommend that you use a translation management tool; for example, Resx Resource Translator.

    NOTE The Resx Resource Translator is one of many translation management tools that are available and it is your choice what tool you use to generate a new .resx file for your target language.

  3. Return the translated .resx file to Master Terminal. Include details about the language code to be associated with the translation.

Master Terminal then creates the translation files and deploys them into your environment.

To use the translated terms in your web‑based application, users must select the locale of the language in their respective web-based application.

Selecting the language in the hand-held web application.

Selecting the language in the Web Portal.

In the following diagram, the selected language is applied to Web Portal screens. (You might need to refresh your browser if the translation is not immediately applied.)

In the previous diagram, the Add button and the PastReleaseRequest button have no translation specified in the .resx file. In this case, the translation key value is used instead – the translation key value is the word or phrase with an uppercase letter for each word and with no spaces between words.
The Master Terminal Release Information will document any new fields that are added to the web-based applications in each release. Contact Master Terminal support to update your translations when new fields are added.

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