851.150 Cargo

Cargo Icon Priority

JMT has ‘icons’ for cargo attributes that are used in graphic displays. How and if these icons are displayed has always been hard coded by the developer. A new enhancement now allows users to configure the order that icons are presented for display.

Because of limited space when displaying cargo graphically, typically only 1 or 2 icons are ever shown. New configuration screens replace the hard-coded priority of icon display order to allow users to decide which 1 or 2 icons are displayed.

In system drawing attributes a new tool bar icon will show the priority screen:

The default priority is shown, which is based on the hard coded priority.

This shows these icons in the Yard Grid Area.

The ‘H’ icon is the Customs Hold icon.

Changing the priority to this:

Shows the icons like this

Switching this display from side view to end view only shows 2 icons

If you decide that Special Stow is really important you can change the priority so that you see it.

This enhancement effects the LOLO Planning, RORO Planning, Rail Planning and Yard Grid Areas.

This enhancement is part of Master Terminal 851.150.

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