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Posted Invoice Returned

A new status has been added for invoices.

It is now possible to change the status of a POSTED invoice to RETURNED.

This allows invoices that are in dispute after posting to be amended.

This new option is only available for posted invoices.

The new option has it’s own permission.

Clicking on the option shows a new dialog.

Clicking OK will

1. POSTED invoice – Update the status of the posted invoice to ‘Posted Returned’.
2. POSTED RETURNED invoice – Set the status of all invoice lines on the ‘returned’ invoice to VOID.
3. POSTED CREDIT invoice – A copy of the ‘returned’ invoice will be created, all quantities on the copied invoice lines will be multiplied by -1 to reverse the amounts.
4. POSTED CREDIT invoice – This ‘credit ‘ invoice will have a status of ‘Posted Credit’ .
5. POSTED CREDIT invoice – All invoice lines on the posted credit invoice will have a status of VOID.
6. POSTED CREDIT invoice – Will be created with the details entered in the new invoice return dialog.
6. POSTED CREDIT invoice – Will have a posted date of NOW.
7. PENDING invoice – Optionally create a copy of the ‘returned’ invoice.
8. PENDING invoice – This ‘copy’ invoice will have a status of ‘Pending’ .
9. PENDING invoice – All invoice lines on the posted credit invoice will have a status of NORMAL.

So basically a posted invoice can be credited (reversed) and optionally a new invoice created with a status of pending that changes can be made to. The pending invoice can then be amended and posted as normal. 

The 2 new statuses of Posted Credit and Posted Returned can be queried.

The 3 invoices PostedReturned, PostedCredit and Pending are all linked.

The link references has been added to the SQL extract of invoices and to the CM_InvoiceView in JRW.

The new Returned option is not available for cash invoices. For cash invoices this option will be disabled.

An audit is added to the invoices to record the status change.

This new feature is part of Master Terminal

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