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Voyage Operations Cargo Moves Confirmations


When split-able cargo is moved in Master Terminal a confirmation dialog is shown and the user can enter an amount to move. Non split-able break bulk and bulk, plus vehicles and containers do not normally get a confirmation message for moves.

A new option is available on the Voyage Operations query parameters. ‘Confirm all moves for any cargo type’.

This new option will always ask for a confirmation for any cargo type and any ‘Instant’ move type.


If your vessel has only holds defined i.e. it has no LOLO bays or RORO decks then a message is displayed when cargo that is planned is being moved to a location that is not the planned location. This message is displayed on the Voyage Operations & Hold Operation screen and on the hand held Lander app.

This dialog now has a cancellation option.


The dialog in the Cancellation section above is displayed if a move is made from the Lander app; it is also shown from the Voyage Operations screen and the Hold Job Operations screens.

If this dialog is not required on the Voyage Operations and the Hold Job Operations screens a new configuration has been added to turn it off.

If this dialog is not required on the Lander app the use of an  existing configuration has been extended to turn it off.

These new options are part of Master Terminal

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