851.040 Hand Held App Voyage Operations

Lander App – Ship Release Requests

It is now possible to use ship release requests and the Lander app  to move containers to a LOLO slot without needing a machine move in Master Terminal.

Ship release requests for empty containers can already be ‘planned’ to slots on the LOLO voyage in the normal way (create a load job and during planning right click ‘assign to release request’).

All empties to be loaded as part of the ship release request need to be assigned to the bulk release. The assigned containers do not have to be for the release request’s voyage they can be for other voyages e.g. the null or TBA voyage.

Lander HH. Load mode. Enter a container Id. All the normal processes occur to derive a load location, however if the container has no voyage location to be moved to i.e. planned or queued, the process will check if the container is assigned to a ship release request for the selected voyage.

If the container is assigned to a release request,  this will be used to get the assigned (planned) LOLO slots in the form of the load colour coding. From here the load job can be got and thus the sequence of the load.

The job items on a voyage job are in a sequenced order, this sequence will be used to see what the next un actioned job item (empty slot) is.

This slot will be presented as the load location.

If complete button is pressed the container will be planned to the slot and then instant moved to the slot.

This is available from Master Terminal 851.040.

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