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Externally Monitored Cargo

Externally monitored reefer containers are becoming common meaning Terminals need to be methodical when determining whether a reefer requires manual monitoring at the terminal.

You can now configure a default value for the ‘Is Externally Monitored’ check box for an operator. The default value is then used when you:
  • Create a pre‑notified reefer container either manually or by EDI
  • Gate in a reefer container
  • Edit the operator of a reefer container on the Cargo Enquiry screen
Under System Operations>System Admin under the Operator table on the Terminal Configuration tab, select whether you want the ‘Is Externally Monitored’ option to be set to ‘on’ every time a reefer container for that Operator is prenoted or received into the terminal.

A new permission is available to control whether a user can override this setting.  For terminal security roles, under Administration there is a new permission “Is Externally Monitored Maintenance”.  This will be set by default for all security roles.

This new configuration is available from (May 2017)

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