851.040 Releases Vessel Planning Voyage Operations

Lander App – Hold Job Assign to Release

It is now possible to assign ship release requests to hold locations.

Release Requests

Create a ship release request (release by type) in the normal way.

Assign cargo to the release request items, by drag drop or by using the staging hand held app.

Voyage Operations

Select a voyage location to load to.

in the On Vessel cargo list right click to see the Assign to Release menu item.

A dialog will ask you how much to assign.

Enter the amount and click OK.

HH Lander App

Enter the cargo Id. and click search.

Because the cargo is assigned to the release request detail it displays the ‘assigned location’.

Enter the amount to move and click Complete.

The amount entered is moved to the assigned location.

Repeat the process on the Lander App to move all the cargo.

Assign to Multiple Locations

It is possible to assign a release request to multiple voyage locations.

Choose a different ‘Load To’ location and use the Assign to Release option specifying the amount for each locations.

As the assigning is created a TBA cargo item is planned to the selected ‘load to’ location; so it is possible to see the different plannings.

Also a Hold Job is created and can be viewed in OOW and Job Operations.

On the HH Lander App the multiple locations are listed in a picker.

Select a location, enter an amount and move the cargo by clicking complete.

Assign to release in voyage operations works with break bulk by quantity and bulk by weight.

This new feature is available in Master Terminal

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