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Release Request EDI Comparison

We have updated the User Defined EDI functionality recently.   This includes adding new fields for mapping under the Release Request User defined EDI file type (Booking Confirmation Number for rail and Cargo Remarks for all releases) and additional functionality to compare EDI data with what information is already in the database.

The EDI comparison functionality for release requests allows users to compare differences in the release request information in the database to any EDI updates received for the same release requests. N.B. The EDI comparison tool only shows the release requests that have discrepancies between the EDI data and the database data.

Users can now select individual lines independently to update rather than only being able to update the all data in the EDI file each time.

From the EDI Operations screen, verify the release request EDI update received.

Right click on the file and select EDI Comparison.

The EDI data (EDI line) is shown against the information already in the database (DB line).  Any discrepancies between the two lines are highlighted in red.

Click on the Searcher button and select the fields to ignore for comparison purposes.  In this example, the release type is selected as the information to ignore.

Once you click on the Find button, you will see those fields to ignore are no longer shown in red.
Select the EDI release request line to be updated, right click and select ‘Load to DB’.

The data from the EDI file has now replaced the information in the database.  Once all changes are made to a release request, that release request will disappear from the EDI Comparison view.

You can also view the existing release request data from the EDI Comparison screen by right clicking on the DB Release Request line and selecting ‘View Release Request’.

This new functionality is available in (November 2016).

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