8.5.1; GUI Bookings Stops ToDoTask

Tasks and Stops on Bookings

Master Terminal has the ability to apply stops and to do tasks to cargo items.

If the cargo item is configured to be able to split and merge, so that it can be stored in multiple locations; when a stop or task is applied to the cargo it is added to the cargo across the terminal in all locations. This functionality is unchanged.

An enhancement has been made to Master Terminal to allow stops and tasks to be applied to part of a cargo item in 1 location. This ability is configured as part of a job that is initiated with a booking.

It is now possible on a booking to specify which stops and tasks are to be applied to each booking detail line.

In hand held apps that are initiated by specifying a booking these new stops and tasks can be completed.

When used in this way the stops are call ‘stop actions’ and the tasks as called ‘task actions’.

EDI Booking Multi Line

On the booking item new option ‘Stops To Apply’ this is a space separated list of stop codes.

New line type ‘Tasks To Apply’.


The Tasks To Apply Line type has the todo task code and a remark to apply, plus the booking item line Id that the task line is for.

One Tasks To Apply line for each todo task.

Each booking item line has its own set of stops and tasks.


On each booking item line you can  maintain the stops and tasks to be used in the job.



During operations the Maintain Actions Applied right click allows you to complete and remove stops and tasks. It also allows the desk user to add cargo items to the job:



New terminal configurations Allow Duplicate Pre-note Ids for Cargo Types Allowing Duplicates:



This will present a warning if duplicate cargo is created in pre-notes.

The pre-notes attach to the booking in the normal way and are linked to the stop and task actions:



Enter the truck details and the booking in the New Item and the picker is presented in the normal way.



Choose the truck. Click next.

The items are shown on the truck and whether they have outstanding stops and task actions (AS = Action Stops, AT = Action Tasks), AS and AT are translatable.



To complete stops and tasks click Actions button:



The save button saves the sheet that is on top i.e. stops or tasks.

Only outstanding stops or tasks are shown.

Select which stops to apply to which cargo items and for how much.

The stops and tasks have a filter, the tasks show the remarks:


When you have finished click BACK, this shows which cargo items still have stop and task actions:



The ACTIONS button is only available on the ON TRUCK sheet.

Press COMPLETE to finish.


This booking is for a container and its children. The children are packed in the container and all are pre-noted. The booking allows stops and task actions for the container and the children.



The container is gated in using Road Gate and the booking number.

The container is then in road ops on site on the truck.

The stop and task actions have been added to the container and its children:




One of the children:



Enter the container number in the normal way



Click NEXT:



Whilst child cargo are in the cargo or have been unpacked, the stop and task actions can be completed.

These cargo have been unpacked and still have tasks or stop actions to complete:



This new app allows you to start with a release request or booking and complete the stops and tasks.



This HH screen has the same ability as the ‘ Maintain Document Actions…’ in Release Request and Bookings:


Stop and Document Actions on Bookings is available in Master Terminal


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