Query Vehicle Mounted

Enable Selector Queries from Radio Telemetry Devices

You can allow users of the vehicle mounted devices to access selector queries from the main screen under the ‘Queries’ button.  To do this, you need to complete the following steps;
1. Set up Query Access Sets
Here you set up the group of queries (selector queries) you want the driver to access from the machine.  You do this from System Ops>Query Access Sets
In this example I have the Training Set with 5 different queries.

2. Set up RT Queries on Machine
You then go to the specific machine and map the queries access set to the machine.  This is done in Terminal Ops>Vehicle RT Config.  In this example, I have selected Straddle Carrier 1.

3. Ensure the RT Queries permission is given to the Drivers to access the queries.
Under System Items>System Ops> Security Roles, you need to give the security role of the driver the ‘RT Selector Queries’ permission.  This is under the Administration tab.
Now, when the Driver logs into the device, they will see the Queries button and the queries set up in the access set allocated to that machine.

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