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To Do Task Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the configuration of  To Do Tasks.

It is now possible to configure that a task is automatically applied when a transaction is created. It is also possible to configure to queue a cargo item when a task is applied and also when a task is completed.

A new tab ‘To Do Task Terminals’ allows seperate configuration by terminal.

NOTE. The task is still available for use in its configured terminals and by its configured users, regardless of this new terminal based configuration on each task type.

The new terminal based ‘configuration matching’ is for matching to the ‘Auto Applies Actions’ and the ability to auto plan on creation and completion of the task.

The details for the terminal allows up to 5 cargo attributes to be used for criteria matching.

The tasks can be auto applied for the following transactions:

  • Pack Complete
  • Unpack Complete
  • Repair

The cargo can be auto planned and then added to the RDT queue or simply planned.

This example shows the task being added when a pack complete transactions occurs and then when the task is completed the cargo is auto planned and queued.

This example on an unpack applies a task then auto planned and queued the cargo:

The auto plan and auto queue are independent from the ‘auto applies action’, in that the task can be configured to plan and queue without having any  ‘auto applies action’ set.

These to do task enhancements are available in Master Terminal 842.120

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