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Yard Allocation Splits

If you are discharging a single bulk or break bulk item that is very large and will be placed in to several yard locations, it is now possible to create yard allocations across multiple bulk or break bulk locations and have the capacity of the locations taken into account.

A new combobox has been added to the ‘Yard Allocations Maintenance’ form on the ‘Options’ tab called ‘Multi Range’.
The default setting for ‘Multi Range’ is ‘No’.  In this mode, the existing behaviour for Auto planning is unchanged.

If the new ‘Multi Range’ value is set to ‘Yes’ then the following additional behaviour occurs when attempting to ‘Auto Plan’ cargo that can be ‘Split’. (I.e trying to find space to store the item ). 

The current algorithm to find space for the cargo item is still used, but during the ‘AP’ (Auto planning) process, if the current Yard Allocation that is being processed has the ‘Multi Range’ value set to ‘Yes’ and the current location has any available space, and the current cargo item is able to be split, then the location with some capacity will be added (in the order processed) to a temporary list of split locations.

When the existing ‘AP’ algorithm completes, and, if a single suitable location has been found, the temporary list is simply discarded.

If the existing ‘AP’ algorithm completes, and it has failed to find a single location with sufficient capacity, then the following additional functionality will be invoked:
  • If the total available capacity of the ‘temporary list of locations’ is less than the cargo item no further action is taken.
  • If there is sufficient capacity in the ‘temporary list of locations’, then the ‘AP’ will generate multiple ‘future queued’ moves (splits) for the cargo item with a move quantity that mirrors the remaining capacity of the locations in the list (in the order they were processed) until such time that the total capacity of the cargo item has been met.

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