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You can now set up a Voyage Cut Off specifically for EDI Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information, so that VGM information for a container cannot be received after it has been planned to a voyage. This will ensure VGM information must be received in good time so that the vessel planners can be confident they are only planning full containers to the voyage that have the VGM information confirmed.

To set up the VGM Voyage Cut off, go to the Voyage Cut-Off table in Terminal Administration.

Create a new Cut-Off, using ‘EDI’ as the Criteria Type, and ‘Verified Gross Mass’ as the Criteria. Enter the cut-off  number of hours you want the cut off to commence.  Select the cut-off period ‘default relative to’ to determine what activity the cut-off will be dependent on.

With this Voyage Cut-Off applied, when you receive and validate a VGM via EDI, it will check the container’s planned voyage to see if it has failed the Voyage cut off. If it fails, it will give an error in the EDI Verify process.

The voyage cut-off will automatically be applied to each new voyage entered into Master Terminal. You can override this by entering the Voyage Enquiry screen for the specific voyage, and selecting the ‘Voyage Cut-Offs’ tab.

Select the ‘Override Defaults’ option and update the Cut-Off details.

This functionality is available in (July 2016).

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