JRW Reports

User Defined Reports

Master Terminal allows you to create a report design and a selector query and join them together. That report can then be run manually or automatically on the background process.

Note. Reports have security against them so only certain users can see the report, edit and run the report.

User Defined Query

Use the item selector to create a query.

Save the query, in this case ‘Reefer Daily’.

User Defined Report Design

From the Report Maintenance screen, select ‘User Defined Report’ in the Filter Report Type.

Click New give the report a name and  select ‘Selector Query’ in Report Type and choose the selector query that you defined.

If you want the report to be run in the background make sure you choose the right choice in ‘Web Report Processing’.

Report Runner.

The report is now available in the Report Runner and can be run manually from here.


At this point your report is only view-able and usable by anyone on your security role and below.

In the Security Roles screen on the Available Reports tab your report can be ‘given’ to any peer security role. So for instance if you created the report and you are part of security role GATE, the report will be in the ‘Reports Available’ list for security role DAVE. On DAVE the report can be added to the ‘Reports that can be Run’ selection. However until you do that the report is not available for security role GATE2.

Once security roles have been configured the report is available for a user on the other security role:

Background Process Reports

To run your report on the BGP, you have to make your report a template.

In report maintenance change the ‘Process Option’ to ‘Create Template’, enter the details and save.

The new template is created under the templates folder, select the new template and click the Template Data Access tab.

This tab allows you to give data access to particular users, for the BGP select the user that is used for BGP tasks in the ‘User To Run Report As’. 

Auto Scheduler

On the Tasks tab create a new task for ‘Run Reports’ (or add to an existing one), Choose your user and then your report template.

Important: The templates listed under ‘Report Names’ are only those where the selected user is set as the ‘User To Run Report As’ on the report template data access:

You can now add your task to the schedule.

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