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BoL Reporting and BoL Cargo Transfer

A new feature has been added to the BOL maintenance (Voyage Cargo) – BOL Transfer.

Bulk Cargo Transfer

The selected cargo on a BoL can be transferred, in whole, to another existing BoL.

The operator and consignee are defaulted to the values on the selected BoL and on OK these values are updated onto each cargo item.

Individual Cargo Transfer

If a single item is selected that single item can be transferred as a whole or it can be split with a new Id.

These transfers also create transactions on the BOL.

BoL transactions for the original cargo assign, transfer from and transfer to are all created.

BoL Reporting

It is now possible to report on BoL transactions. 

In Report Maintenance a new report type of Bill of Lading Transaction is available on the transaction report view.

The report can be run in the normal way in the report runner.

It is possible to include the transfer details, from 1 BoL to another:

The reports can also be run from the BoL maintenance screen.

BoL transfer and reporting is available in Master Terminal 842.070.

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