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Certifying Weight at Prenote Stage

Master Terminal have recently updated the prenote functionality to enable a weight to be certified prior to receival using the Road Gate screen as previously a weight could only be certified once it was in the Terminal.

Manually Editing ‘Is Weight Certified’ at Prenote Stage

If a prenoted container is updated manually to reflect the weight is certified prior to the container being received into the Terminal, the ‘Is Weight Certified’ field now remains ticked when the container is received.

Manually Adding a Cargo Update Request to a Prenoted Container

You can now create a Cargo Update Request for a prenoted container that will maintain its certified weight status once it has been gated in.

Under Terminal Config, ensure the ‘Apply Event Requests to pre-noted Cargo’ is ticked.  This enables any Cargo Update Requests to be applied at the Prenote stage rather than applying to the container when it is received into the Terminal.

A container is prenoted without a certified weight.

Create the Cargo Update Request as below.  Doing a weight update using the Cargo Update Request screen allows you to provide a reference to how the weight was certified using the Reference field.

The Cargo Update Request will be applied to the container immediately and the ‘Weight Certified By’ field will populate the reference used in the Cargo Update Request.

This information is maintained against the container record once the container is received into the Terminal using the Road Gate screen.

Updating a Certified Weight at Prenote Stage Using EDI

If a certified weight is received via COPARN EDI message, this can be applied to the container at Prenote stage and will be maintained as the certified weight once the container is received into the Terminal.

Ensure the ‘Apply Event Requests to pre-noted Cargo’ is ticked under Terminal Config.  Instructions on how to process a COPARN EDI VGM update message are in an earlier Blog Post:

This update is available in, released 2nd May 2016.

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