8.3.2 Voyage Operations

Voyage Packages

Master Terminal has the ability for users to configure a package of reports that can be produced in relation to an invoice or a voyage.

Package Maintenance

The voyage sailing package allows you to select reports and BAPLIE file formats to send to recipients.

You can also select 1 or more email recipients and enter an email message.

As many voyage packages as necessary can be  created, generally you might have one for each operator.

Back Ground Processor

In the Tasks create a Package task:

Add this to a By Event schedule, and choose the package task.

BGP Managaer

A report BGP manager must be running for the reports to be produced for the package.

Voyage Enquiry

Now that voyage package is setup, when you are ready to send the package, use the Event Schedule:

This will produce the package for the selected voyage and that voyage’s operator.

Voyage packages are available in all versions of Master Terminal.

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