8.4.2 Yard

Yard Graphic Zoom Levels

The yard graphic of a gridded area now has extra zoom scales of 6 and 9.

These new zoom scales allow more detail to be shown in the graphic.

Previously the max zoom scale was 4:

Now there is scale 6:

And scale 9:

The larger the scale the more that is shown. Scale 9 for instance shows the following:

Container Number
ISO Type Code
Load Port
Discharge Port
Icons as appropriate.

The side view for scale 4 is:

And scale 9:

The extra zoom scales are available in Master Terminal 8.4.2.

Icons In General

Graphical areas that show cargo – LOLO Planning, RORO Planning, Rail, Yard etc show icon in the graphic. The Icons are displayed based on the data on the cargo. However the icons are displayed in a priority order, as some icons are more important than others. The icons are shown in this order; depending on the graphic area only 2-4 are shown:

For All Cargo:

  • Ready To Ship
  • Customs Hold
  • Hazardous
  • Special Stow
  • TBA
  • Queued
  • Planned

Containers also have:

  • Length Icon. 
  • Watercooled
  • Controlled Atmosphere
  • Connected
  • IsReefer
  • Clip On Unit
  • Empty
  • Flat
  • Crib
  • OpenTop
  • Fantainer
  • Tank
  • HiCube
  • Over Dimensions

NOTE. The container length icon is only shown in certain locations. In a LOLO bay, an RTG location or on a wagon there will be a length icon 30, 40, 45 or 53. No length icon for 20′.

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