8.1.1 Invoice

Invoice Line Redirection

Master Terminal has 3 screens that allow the normal invoice line configurations to be overridden.

  1. Invoice Line Mapping
  2. Invoice Line Charge Mapping
  3. Invoice Line Consolidation

Invoice Line Mapping

This screen allows the invoice line type’s invoice type to be changed for a particular debtor.

The screen query is to select a debtor.

Then the configured invoice type is shown for each invoice line type and the column header is the selected debtor.

Double click on the cell of the configured invoice type, presents an update dialog.

In this case the debtor ABCONE has been queried. The invoice type for the invoice line type ‘Charged’ is ‘Terminal’,  but can be changed to be the invoice type ‘VOYAGE’.

When saved the overridden invoice type is shown in bold.

This means that when an invoice line of type ‘Charged’ is created for debtor ABCONE it will be attached to the VOYAGE invoice for ABCONE instead of the normal Terminal invoice.

Invoice Line Charge Mapping

This screen allows the debtor type of an invoice line to be changed if the combination of  2 invoice line charge types match.

For instance invoice line ‘Charged’ normally is charged to the cargo’s operator, the Invoice Line Charge Mapping screens allows the ‘Charged’ invoice line to be charged to the cargo’s freight forwarder IF the cargo’s operator is ABCONE and the cargo’s customs agent is BOB.

Choosing the above criteria shows all the invoice lines that charge to cargo operator as rows and all the customs agents as columns. The cells all show cargo operator as that is the normal debtor.

Double click on the cell for the invoice line ‘Charged’ and the customs agent ‘BOB’ allows a mapping to be specified that changes the debtor to be based on the cargo’s freight forwarder.

The mapping is shown in bold.

This mapping means that any cargo that has an operator of Columbus Maritime and a customs agent of Bob that raises a Charge invoice line will use the debtor for the cargo item’s freight forwarder, who ever that is.

Invoice Line Consolidation

This screen is for the printing of an invoice that is a bespoke invoice report written by the Master Terminal developers, it is not used by Jade Report Writer reports.

This screen allows the selection of 1 or more invoice lines and 1 or more debtors. It also specifies a single Narration and Remark. If any of the invoice lines for the specified debtors are raised on an invoice they will all have their narration changed to the narration specified, but only for the printing of the bespoke invoice.

This allows for simplified invoices to be printed, invoices that for instance only have 1 invoice line.

In the following example all the storage type invoice lines for some debtors are consolidated into 1 invoice line when printing.

The narration is ‘Stored’ .

The normal consolidation in the printed invoice consolidates by invoice line narration and accumulates the quantity so that only 1 line is printed with the accumulated quantity and line total..

This mapping enhances this consolidation by narration by changing the configured invoice lines types to all have the same narration, thus consolidation by narration across invoice line types.

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