8.4.2 Cargo Hazardous

Hazardous Enhancements

Configuration Options

New configuration options have been added to the Terminal Config – Settings tab.

“Hazardous – Use Detailed Hazardous Entry Screen”

This governs the use of the detailed Hazardous Cargo Entry screen described below – when ticked, the Road Gate, Cargo Enquiry and Pack / Unpack screens will display a detailed Hazardous Cargo Entry screen to define hazard details.

“Hazardous – Auto-Generate Cargo IDs for Child Cargo at Gate”

When ticked, this option automatically generates cargo IDs for Hazardous cargo entered at he gate through the detailed Hazardous Cargo Entry screen.

Ticking this option will raise an error if there is no configured “Cargo Id” option in the Terminal Config “Auto ID Maint” screen (accessed from the Auto ID Maint button on the Terminal Config screen).

Dangerous Goods Table Data

The Dangerous Goods Code table has been enhanced to allow the selection of one or more Secondary Hazard Codes that apply to a Dangerous Goods Code.

Child Cargo Hazard Details

A change has been made to the handling of Hazard Details when they are entered against a child cargo item anywhere in Master Terminal, in that the Hazard Detail information for all the children of a parent cargo item will be “rolled up” and recorded on the parent cargo item as well as being stored on the individual child cargo items when the update is saved.
If the terminal config option ‘Hazardous – Use Detailed Hazardous Entry Screen’ is set to true, when entering child cargo information the  Hazardous Details field is disabled and when the Is Hazardous check box is set to true the elipse button will present the new detailed hazardous data entry dialog.


 All the hazardous cargo can be entered, if configured the child cargo Ids will be auto generated.

Pack/Unpack Screen

If the “Hazardous – Use Detailed Hazardous Entry Screen” Terminal Config option is ticked, a new toolbar button is displayed on the Pack / Unpack screen:

This “Make Hazardous LCL” button can be used to create hazardous cargo inside a container to be stripped. When clicked, this button opens the Detailed Hazardous Entry Screen described in the Gate Processing section above.
These hazardous enhancements are available in Master Terminal

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