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Packing Equipment

There are times when cargo that is being packed into a container requires equipment. For example large steel coils may require a coiltainer to support them so they can be packed into a container.

A recent change to Master Terminal has stream-lined the packing process for this scenario.

I will walk through an example of exporting Steel Coils that are packed into containers with coiltainers.

The Steel Coils  have an export booking to the appropriate voyage and are gated in via the road gate.

Before any coiltainers are packed, there is a new option on Cargo Type called “Is Equipment” that needs to be set on the coiltainer cargo type.

The packing operation is performed using the “Pack Container” app. On the initial screen enter the id of the empty container that is to be packed.

The next screen shows details about the container and generally does not need to be changed. The container will automatically be updated as the coils are packed into the container.

On the Pack screen the id of the cargo can be entered (or scanned) and the “Find Cargo to Pack..” button clicked.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed, and once accepted the cargo is packed into the container. The container will automatically be updated with the voyage details of the coils.

The coiltainer that is used with the steel coil can be packed in the same way. As this is equipment it will be updated with the voyage details of the coils as well.

This process is continued until all the steel coils and coiltainers are packed. All the cargo will be updated to the voyage details of the coils.

When all the coils and coiltainers are packed, a seal can be recorded and the pack completed.

This stream-lined process is available in Master Terminal 8.4.1 hotfix 4

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