8.4.1 Voyage Defintion

Voyage Code Generation

Master Terminal has a feature called ‘Hook Code’ that allows certain points of the system to be configured using programming code.

A new hook code type of  ‘Voyage Code’ has been added to allow auto generation of a voyage code.

If no ‘voyage code’ hook code exists the system works as normal.


The hook code in the example creates a voyage code in a sequence based on the terminal code the current year and then the next number in a sequence that is zero filled. For instance:

BISH1500003 where BISH is the terminal Id, 15 is the current year and 0003 is the 3rd voyage this year.

In the same way a voyage code could be produced that is simply the year and a sequence number e.g. 150003 or maybe the vessel code, the year and a sequence number e.g. MSC150000004.

It is also possible to lock the generated code so that no one can change it, this is done with a terminal configuration.


The voyage code hook code will not be used if this terminal configuration is set to true:

Voyage Code hook code is available in Master Terminal 841.

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