8.1.1 Invoice JRW

Amounts as Words

If you need to see an amount written in words on a report Master Terminal has the following translatable words that are used to produce the correct words in the written amount.

In the Text Translation screen search for the following ‘Text Messages’ :

‘dollars’, ‘cents’ & ‘and’.

 Click edit and in your chosen locale enter the new value:

 Click Save. Repeat for ‘dollars’ and ‘and’. Note that the ‘and’ has a constant name of Num_And.

 In User Preferences select your Locale. Only translated text will be changed; any text not translated will remain in default English.

 In the Jade Report Writer report the ‘asCurrencyJMTWords’ method can be used on decimals.

In Text Translations you can also search by the constant number that represents the translatable words.

‘dollars’ is 87689.

‘cents’ is 87690.

‘and’ is 87683.

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