8.4.1 CASH Proforma

Pro forma Invoices

Master Terminal 8.4.1 allows pro forma invoices to be configured and displayed for any cargo type.

Previously pro forma invoices were only available as part of the cash module, from 8.4.1 pro forma invoices are part of general invoicing.

Invoice Configuration

Two buttons are available in Invoice Configuration, the first allows pro forma invoices to be configured. The second allows pro forma invoices to be produced.

1. Pro Forma Configuration

The configuration screen has 2 modes. The first is to specify which attributes are to be used for matching to cargo items. This only has to be done once.

Click Add to add pro forma transaction configurations.

In this screen you describe the cargo by using the chosen attribute types and then choose which transactions the cargo would typically have as it passes through the terminal.

2. Pro Forma Invoice

In this screen you can enter a cargo Id or a BoL Id, click find and then click Calculate to see the pro forma invoice lines and amounts.

To get storage correct you can enter an effective date.

Click the print button to print the configured Jade Report Writer report.

The Invoiced column shows the transactions that have occurred and have already produced an invoice line.

The Estimated column shows the transactions that have not yet occurred and are based on the proforma transaction configuration and the transaction map configuration that has mapped transactions to invoice lines.

Pro forma invoices are available in Master Terminal 8.4.1.

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