8.3.2 Vehicle Booking System

Vehicle Booking System – Timeslot Types

In an earlier post I talked about the changes that were made in Master Terminal 8.3.2 for the Vehicle Booking System (VBS).

One of the changes was the ability to classify vehicle bookings based on an associated ‘Vehicle Booking Time Slot Type’. This can be used to have different booking timeslots for different types of cargo.

For example a Terminal may be able to process 2 container trucks every 20 minutes, and 1 break bulk truck each 30 minutes. The following steps will show how to setup your VBS system to allow this.

1. Add new Timeslot Types to the System Admin table. Below I have added a “BREAK BULK” and “MAIN” type

2. Modify (or create) your Vehicle Booking Terminal Template (Accessed from the Gate Configuration form). The form below shows the timeslots added for container trucks,.
3. Use the “Add” button to add new timeslots for break bulk trucks. I have set the duration to 30 minutes and only allow one truck. Also selected the “Break Bulk Cargo” timeslot type.
4. After adding the timeslots the template will have the slots for both container and break bulk trucks.
5. Now that the template has been updated, the background process that generates the booking timeslots will include both “MAIN” and “BREAK BULK” slots.
6. When a carrier makes a vehicle booking they can select the time of slot they require, either Container or Break Bulk.
This enhancement to the Vehicle Booking System is part of Master Terminal 8.3.2

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