8.4.1 Break Bulk Bulk Cargo KPI

TEU Count on Cargo

In Master Terminal it is possible to set the TEU conversion rate on each cargo type.

In Cargo Type maintenance it is possible to set a conversion rate and a divider to get accurate TEU count on any cargo item.

For the container cargo type there is a conversion for each container length that Master Terminal handles – 20, 30, 40, 45 and 53.

By default the container TEU conversion is set to be :

  • 20 foot – 1 TEU
  • 30 foot – 2 TEU
  • 40 foot – 2 TEU
  • 45 foot – 2 TEU
  • 53 foot – 2 TEU

The conversion rate is a decimal to 2 places, minimum value 0.01, maximum value 9.99.

By default the General Cargo, Bulk and Break Bulk TEU conversion is set to be 1.

For General Cargo, Bulk and Break Bulk cargo types the TEU divider can be set to one of the following:
  • Value of 1
  • Quantity
  • Weight

The above example for aluminium ingots will divide the weight of the cargo item by 0.75 to get the number of TEU the aluminium ingot represents.

Cargo Type TEU conversion is available in Master Terminal 8.4.1.

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