8.3.2 Vehicle Mounted

IMV Train

Recently Master Terminal has been enhanced to allow the placement of many containers on to a single IMV. This is required to support an IMV Train (See picture below).

There is a new terminal configuration option where you specify the maximum number of containers that can be placed on a single IMV. In the screen below I have set this to 10, so  I can place 10 20ft, or 5 40ft containers on an IMV.

Once this is done, a machine can keep placing containers on an IMV until the max is hit.

For example I can queued up 4 containers (with a machine rules mode of Forklift -> IMV -> Forklift) and a forklift can move all 4 containers to a single IMV. The screen shows IMVA now has all 4 containers.

The IMV can then move to the target location and a Forklift can move the containers from the IMV to the yard.

One point to note is Master Terminal has always allowed multiple non Container cargo items to be placed on to a single IMV.

This Master Terminal enhancement has been deployed in 8.3.2 HF 18.

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