8.4.1 LOLO RORO Voyage Operations

Voyage Rationalisation in Master Terminal 8.4.1 Part 1

In Master Terminal 8.4.1 the Non Worked Non Planned screen has been replaced with a new screen called Voyage Operations.

Voyage Operations is like NWNP on steroids. It allows the display of all cargo for a voyage where ever it is, On Vessel- LOLO, RORO, Holds, ship block stack, On Terminal, Off Site and PreNotes.

Data Tables

The main display now has 4 lists of cargo – On Vessel,On Terminal, Off Site and PreNotes. The offsite and prenotes can be hidden.

The lists are presented in new tables called filter tables, these tables do Excel style filtering of the data in the table. This filtering means that all the cargo query parameters that were in the NWNP like cargo type and IMEX status are gone; you simply use the filtering on the data being displayed.

Clicking on the small filter icon on the right hand side of the header changes the headers of each column to have a list of the data items in the column and allows the selection and de-selection of those items.

Click the IMEX Status column:

Select just Tranship and ‘Apply’ displays just the tranship items.

Want to view only the cargo in Hold 1? Simply de select all and choose Hold 1 only:

Want to view only the cargo in Hold 1 On Deck? Simply de select all and choose Hold 1 OD only:

The status bar reflects what is shown in the table, notification updates are all handled and the details in the status bar reflect all changes. The header is shown in black to denote filtering.

These new Location Area and Location Sub Area columns are also available in the On Terminal Table so cargo being loaded from or discharged to a particular GC area can be viewed with the status bar reflecting the current state of the filtering.

Multiple columns can be filtered and each column can have 1 or more items selected.

The data table in the new Voyage Operations are also dock-able. This means that they can be relocated in the Voyage Operations window and they can also be dragged out of the Master Terminal window and the individual table shown on a seperate PC monitor.

The table has a grab bar on the left to allow them to be dragged:

Tool Bar

The tool has all the options that were in NWNP; but now it also includes buttons to link to all voyage related screens: 

Vessel Definition Voyage Definition
Voyage Bay Definition Voyage Deck Definition
Voyage Hold Definition Job Operations
Order of Works Load List
Voyage Cargo Counter Voyage Cargo (BoLs and GC cargo)
Create New Cargo Pre notes
Release Requests Bookings
Ship Job Controller EDI cargo comparison
Voyage Side Profile EDI Operations
Voyage Configuration Move It
Ship Delays Delays Enquiry

Coloured Cells

The Voyage Operations screen uses the same cell colouring that the Load List does. In the Voyage Operations this cell colouring can be turned off so that the cell background is always white.

Drag Drop

The Voyage Operations screen allows drag drop of 1 or more cargo items between 2 Voyage Ops screens in actual, planned or queued move modes.

Cargo can also be drag dropped in all move modes between:

Voyage Operations

·       Yard Grid Areas
·       Yard RORO Areas
·       Location Enquiry
·       General Cargo Areas
·       Yard Row Enquiry

Operation Right Click Menus

A new menu option is ‘Operations’. This right click menu item allows the selected cargo to be planned and queued in the same way as can be done in Job Operations. It also allows items that are queued to have the task location changed and the status updated. 

The operations menu also has the option to delete ‘on vessel’ cargo items, in the same way as LOLO and RORO planning screens.

Voyage Types

The drop down list of voyage codes  in the query parameters is effected by the selection of voyage types.

Selecting just ‘Holds’ will only show voyages that have holds defined in the voyage drop down list.

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