8.3.2 Releases Web Portal

Release Requests on the Web Portal

In the JMT 8.3.2, Release Requests are now able to be created, updated and deleted from the Web Portal.

There is basic functionality to maintain both Release by IDs and Release by Types. This functionality is available on the existing ‘Cargo Release Requests’ screen and can be accessed the same way Pre-Notes are maintained – using the New, Edit and Delete buttons.

Note: This functionality is controlled by the same permissions that allow View and Maintenance of Release Requests within JMT.

When creating a new Release Request there is a check box that controls if the Release is going to be a Release by Type or Release by ID. This check box will control what fields are displayed when adding new Items to the release. 

This screen is accessible by clicking the Edit button that appears in the Items table when editing or creating a new Pre-Note.

Note: Some fields are unable to be edited. These fields are to display read-only information.

Pictured above is the Items screen for a Release by Type.

From here, you are able to remove, update and add new items to a Release Request. This can be done when creating a new release, or updating an existing one. To update an item, you must select it from the table on the left, make your changes to it, click the Update button, and then click Save (which will also close this form).
Once you Save the Release Request completely, if PIN numbers are turned on for Release Requests, the PIN for that Release will be returned and displayed. Likewise, if something has gone wrong, an error will be returned and displayed.

When searching for Release Requests, the behaviour is the same as it was before, however there are now some new fields. If for some reason you cannot see any of these new fields in the Search Results table, you can turn them on (or off) using the column organiser.

This column organiser is not a new feature and is provided on all of the Web Portal’s screens. 

Your column choices are saved when you close this form, and are remembered for when you next use the Web Portal.

Release request changes are available in the Web Portal from JMT 8.3.2 HotFix #007.

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