8.3.2 Bulk Receivals

Bulk Cargo Receival

Master Terminal’s bulk ability works well with cargo receival by individual truck as well as  across multiple trucks.

An example of receiving 3 trucks of grain for 1 consignment works perfectly using Master Terminal’s allocation technology and bulk split/merge ability.

Yard Allocation

For the grain receival; allocations are created and assigned to different silo storage areas. The allocation describes not only the cargo but also the customer and receival details.

This example shows a strict allocation across 2 silos for Wheat for customer ATR. The allocation has been configured so that the cargo detail must match perfectly so that wheat for other customers are not mixed.

The silos are configured to have a maximum capacity and as the capacity in 1 silo is reached the allocation will automatically move onto the next silo.

Truck Receival

Three trucks of wheat for ATR arrive at the gate. The consignment number is WHT141111ATR.

Each truck holds 30,000kg of grain for ATR. The details are entered at the gate using the consignment number of WHT141111ATR.

As the trucks arrive and their details are entered in the road gate screen, the cargo is allocated to the correct silos for customer ATR. The trucks can be seen in the road operations screen.

Yard Receival

At the silo location the truck un-loader mobile app is used to identify the truck and its contents are displayed.

Each truck in turn is unloaded into the silo. At the end of unloading the consignment ‘WHT141111ATR’ shows as a total of 90,000kg. With the details of the merge from each truck clearly shown in the transactions for WHT141111ATR.

This bulk receival process works the same for road, rail or vessel receivals and is available in Master Terminal 8.3.2.

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