8.3.2 Break Bulk Vehicle Mounted Voyage Operations

Light Weight Voyage Planning

For a small operation that does not require detailed LOLO or RORO planning, cargo can now be discharged and loaded using the Non Worked Non Planned screen.

Radio Telemetry Queue

If a voyage is created with no LOLO or RORO definition, a voyage queue can now be created in the RT Queue screen. A sub queue can be created for a work point, and then when cargo is queued using the NWNP screen the queue entries are added to the voyage work point queue, depending on the machine rule being used.

Vehicle Mounted App

Master Terminal now allows you to use the ‘discharge’ mode of the vehicle mounted app to perform auto plan discharge operations, without the hand held ‘Lander’ app and with a fork-lift>IMV>fork-lift machine rule.

If you use a yard machine to yard trailer to yard machine to move discharge cargo from a NWNP voyage to a gridded block stack, you can now use the discharge auto plan mode in the machine working in the crane queue.

Search for the cargo item in the normal way, the matching item is displayed.

Selected PICKUP and the cargo is auto planned into the yard:

These new features are available in Master Terminal 8.3.2

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