8.3.2 Road

Road Remain on Board Cargo

There are times when a truck may arrive for a pickup or delivery, and the truck already has cargo on board that you want to record both at the In and Out gate. For example a truck may come to pickup a 20ft container, and it already has a 20ft container on board. Ideally the terminal could record the on board container as it is gated in and check that it is still on board at road exit. This is also useful for chassis/trailer operations where a truck arrives with cargo on a chassis for delivery, but the chassis will remain with the truck.

We have just made a change to the Road Gate so cargo can be marked as “Remain on Board”. Master Terminal can now track this cargo and provide details to the Gate Checker of the cargo.

For example here is the process to gate in  the release of an MT container to a truck that already has a container on board. The container on board is entered with IMEX of Remain On Board.

After adding the MT Release the road job is ready to be saved.

The Remain on Board tasks are marked as complete ( as they will not be worked within the terminal)
The Gate Checker can now confirm the Remain On Board container.
The MT Release can now be worked and when the truck is road exited the Gate Checker will now see both the Remain on Board and Released container. He can confirm they are on the truck, and complete the exit.
In the case where a truck is entering the terminal with a chassis/trailer to pickup/deliver cargo, the chassis can be set to Remain On Board. The Road Gate form below shows a truck with a chassis that will remain on board, and a delivery of a MT container.
The chassis will then appear on the Gate Checker app where it can be confirmed in and out.
This new feature is part of Master Terminal 8.3.2

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